Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TUTTI FRUITY BAGS...... or just a piece of crap????

I bet you are wondering what are these Tutti Fruity Bags I'm talking about. Probably you are thinking that it was shaped like fruits that's why it's called that way. Well it's not! It's not even made with fruits scallops or seeds. It doesn't really have anything to deal with fruits. Well it is made of fruit juice wrappers. The 'doy-pack' thingy. The one that you used to punched with straw. It was sewed like an ancient doormat. The squared doormats. Or maybe the Philippine doormat. Did you get what I mean?

Anyway I saw this bag while I am walking through our neighborhood. It is made there. And out of curiosity I knocked through the door and they let me in. I asked them what is it. And they said that they are making these bags for years. huh?! (I know he's answer is out of nowhere. ) Then the owner came and talked to me, she said "They are bags". ( I said to my mind yes I can see that I am not blind. hehe!) But, what I really meant about that question is what it is made of? Where is the market for it? etc... The conversation starts. Then I told them "How come I've never seen it in any markets or malls or shops here in the Philippines?", they answered me that is was for export. And I wondered in my mind why is it exported but it's not for sale in the Philippines? Well I find the bag nice, comfortable, unique and fashionable so why don't they sell it? I just came up with one answer. Because most of the Filipinos do not Patronize their own work or their own product. That's a fact. Well I am not saying that all Filipinos do that but 'most' of the Filipinos are like that. They think that it is a piece of crap. I don't know really know but some Filipinos really have that mentality. Oh God!

The brand of the bag is Raecyclements. Raecyclements is focused on creating Eco-friendly products without sacrificing fashion, independent designer Rebecca Molina founded Raecyclements. The purpose of her line is to create innovative designs that use recycled materials. Raecyclements: make yourself "environmentally stylish." And it is not only Eco-friendly it also gives job for the jobless people in the Philippines like me. It comes in different sizes and colors. Hehehe! Here are few photos of the bags:

These bags were really nice and trendy. I really loved it. I am also proud to say that I am part of the team who make this bags. I sewed few of them. Me and my granny. hehehe! And it is making me busy this past few days. So probably I will not be able to post more blogs this coming days. But don't worry I will still let you know what I have been doing and and what's keeping me up. Ciao!


bobbyboy said...

Great to hear from ya! I think tutti fruity falls in line with our modern times for the environment. That's never a piece of crap :)

Chie said...

Hi Bobby,
Yeah I know It's been quite a while since I last posted something. I really missed blogging. ;) Yes and it was really good. Thanks for visiting my page. Have a nice day!

bobbyboy said...

Ooooops Chie, I forgot to ask you, are you working for this company now? Looks like a good webpage and starter company :)

Chie said...
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Anonymous said...

No Bobby, it was just a small company. Maybe we could call it "sideline or part time". LOL! Thanks Bobby

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