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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No sweat in Losing weight!!

Last year I discovered a diet pill that was very effective. I was 152 lbs. when I first took it. I tried it for almost two weeks together with daily jogging and exercise. My weight dropped to 135 lbs. in just 2 weeks. Imagine that I lost 17lbs. Unbelievable huh?! But it's true. The name of the pill is "Zhen de Shou" a Chinese herb.

It has no side effects at all. I really love it. I've tried Kancura before and some other slimming pills but it has no effect. I didn't lose weight and because of the Kancura I got dehydrated, and forced me to stop taking it and have medications.

I told my friends about it and it really works for them as well, then my concerned cousin told me and warned me about the pills. She said that there is a fake one. I got really scared and suddenly stopped taking it. This is the indications of the fake pills.

They say that the fake one has orange color seal while the real is blue.
And the Coin seal is really a coin for the original and the one printed on the box are fake. So you better watch out!

but still I'm planning to look for the original and plan to take it again. hehehe!

Breaking up and Learn.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jinx, is is true?

Is there really jinx? Or was it just in the minds of most people? Is it really misfortune, bad luck or a curse?

According to Wikipedia the word 'jinx' came from the Latin word 'iynx' which means the wryneck bird, which is used in magic and divination. The bird is used in magics because of its remarkable ability to twist its neck up to 180 degrees while hissing like a snake. These birds can be found in Africa and Eurasia.

A Jinx in popular superstition and folklore is:
* A sort of curse placed on a person that makes them prey to large numbers of minor misfortunes and other forms of bad luck;
* A person afflicted with a similar curse, who, while not directly subject to a series of misfortunes, seems to attract them to anyone in his general area.
* An object or animal that brings bad luck.
* A common slang term used when two people say the same thing at the same time (said as a game amongst the young and young hearted which suggests some kind of spooky supernatural interference).

For children Jinx is a Pokemon, Jinx is spelled as Jynx. Jynx is a humanoid Pokemon that resembles a bulky woman. Jynx wears a red gown, has white arms and puple hands. Jynx has a purple face, pink lips, saucer-like eyes and long blond hair. It seems to resemble a Nordic princess, as seen in various operas. Originally, its face was colored black, causing many to think of it as racist. Jynx is a female-only species with no male counterparts. Jynx love to dance, and while it's dancing the peolpe or Pokemons around it will dance with her. Jynx can use telepathy to transfer visions of what they've seen into a another being's mind. In battle, Jynx have the power to control ice and snow and can also use (not that greatly) physical combat.

For you, What is a jinx? Is it real?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does weight really weighs???

Did you get what I mean? What is it with the HR Managers with the fat people? Why do they hate those people? Employers always looks at the physical side, why don't they look at the intellectual side of the applicant? Do you always have to look perfect to have a job? Terrific body, beautiful shiny hair and a glamorous face? Is that the qualification to get a job? The job doesn't even require perfect body skill. Duh! It's not like I'm gonna model a swim wear.I really don't get it.

I think this is a form of discrimination. I had an experience few months ago, I applied at Pizza Hut Co. I passed the first interview then I took the exam. I passed the exam and move on to the final interview. When I was being interviewed, the first thing that the General Manager told me was, "Oh My God!! Ganyan ka kalaki? (OMG! You're that big?)." then she laughed very loud, I smiled at her and tried to ignore what she just said. She asked me questions and I answered courteously and politely. At the end of the interview she boastfully told me that "Sorry hindi namin pwede i-hire kasi walang kakasyang uniform sayo! (Sorry we can not hire you, because we don't have a uniform that will fit you)" I was really shocked. I don't know what happened to me, I stood up and said " Mam, thanks for your time." then I walked to the elevator. She really humiliated me. Then I saw her walking towards me and talked to one of her co-workers, she told that man what she told me and laughed very loud, the man laughed out loud as well. The worst thing about that is that she talked to that man in public. There were lots of applicants waiting for their turn to be interviewed.Everybody heard what she said, they laughed secretly. That's really humiliating. every time I remember that moment I feel like I'm shrinking. From then on I said to myself that I will not eat or buy any of Pizza Hut foods and products.

Because of that experience, I told myself that I have to lose weight. I'm not that big actually. That time I was 5'5" and weighs 145 lbs. But now my weight goes down to 130lbs.

This morning I tried my luck again and applied to another company. They didn't told me that they can not hire me because of my size,they used polite and kind words. But still I felt discriminated again. Because I saw them hiring petite women. This things must be stopped!

"We're human like everyone else. No one deserves to be hated or discriminated because of how they look." - Jennifer Craig

WOMAN: "Cruises 'R us.."
MAN: "I'm Sorry, you find the insurance too expensive Madam, but I doubt they have life belts your size."

They should treat everyone nicely. Not because they have the power, they can do those unreasonable things. They are professionally unethical! They should not humiliate others. Discrimination must be stopped!

They don't know what's the effect of that discrimination and humiliation to the person who had experienced it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HaVe yUo EvER???

have you ever denied your feelings
for someone because your fear of rejection
was too hard to handle?

we tell lies when we are afraid...

afraid of what we know,
what others will think,
what will be found out about us..

but every time we tell lie,
the thing we fear grows stronger.. is all about risks and it
requires you to jump..
don't be a person who has to look back
and wonder what they would have
or could have had..(,"(,")

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

survey survey survey

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"I almost got raped...."

said my dog named NIKHOWEI.

Her menstrual period is coming.. It started last week. And it made a big mess between her and my other dog named Drake.

That's him. He is really going crazy about it. He don't eat. He always cry and make undesirable noises. He really wanted to score.. hahaha! Before he used to weigh 17 kilos now he's down to 12 kilos. Unbelievable huh?! Well it's true. He was always chained so he won't be able to come closer to NIKHOWEI.

Now I think he is getting rid of the sensation. He is a little calmer and he eats now even a little. Two more weeks and it'll be over.....

Looking forward to that day to come, so things will be back to normal...

4 things about me...

I got this Tag from Pinayjade

4 Jobs I've Had:
Jollibee Foods Corparation-Counter
Public Relation Officer-Affiliates of Tourism Students
Makati Medical Hospital-Nursing Trainee

4 Shows on my TiVo/DVR:

Coffee Prince
Dating Now
Joaquin Bordado

4 Places I've Been:

4 Favorite Foods:
Leche Flan
Nanay's Kare-Kare

4 CD's Recently Listened To:

Bee Gees Album
Michael Jackson's Album
Love Songs

4 Things You Can Do to Make My Day:
Give me Chocolates
Send me text messages,email messages, comments on friendster and blogs
Ask me to go out of town, ask me to gimik
Cook my favorite foods. ;-)

1 Person I Tag:

Bobbyboy of Sailing on the relationSHIP
Unfortunately I don't have many contacts yet.

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the strike

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's in the cards

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How happy you are right now?

Can everyone say "I'm very happy today"? Or can everyone just say "I'm happy with my life now"? without knowing why...

First of all, we must know the reason why are we happy. There are different aspects to look at before knowing it. It's not just we smile and we laugh we can say that we're happy.

We should assess ourselves if we are happy:

  • by the way we look.
  • by the way we talk.
  • by the way we carry ourselves.
  • with our career.
  • with our family.
  • with our friends.
  • with our loved ones.
  • with what we have.
  • with all the things that surround me.
  • with the environment.
  • with the economy.
  • with the politics.
  • with all the events that happening to us.
And finally, If we are contented and grateful for all we have.
Be happy! for yourself and for others. =)

Summer time..

What do my stars say about me?

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Addictive content in my personality is 91%

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Finding myself again

In the early stage of my life I was so happy and very much contented, never thought of any harm, never thought of having difficulties, all I think of is beautiful things. I have never imagined that I will have to pass that very strange phase of my life at an early age, but it's my choice then. When I was in 1st year high school, I've become a member of a "sorority and so called fraternities (group of men and women that only does bad things)". We drink (alcoholic beverages), we smoke, bullying other students, tripping on them, and the worst thing is I almost tried "drugs". Before I try it, something came up in my mind and says: "Bakit mo ba yan ginagawa? Para saan? Para kanino? Para ano? Ano bang problema mo? (Why are you doing that? For whom? For what? What's the problem?)".
Suddenly, I stopped and walked away, I went home and think.Thought . It goes, until one day someone came into my life and gave me reasons to change. I changed yeah, I quit drinking and smoking and searched for new friends. From then on I tried to fix up my mess, patching up things with my good friends, family and to those people who are dear to me.
One thing I realized about my experience is making decisions. "Once you make a decision no one is responsible for it but yourself". For you guys out there be careful in making decisions and in choosing your peers. I also believed the saying " Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are".

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