Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dairy products made in breastmilk??

Breastmilk substitute for the milk outbreak in the Philippines? Dairy products made in breastmilk.Ice Cream, Cakes and many more. Oh my God! I could say that this is not a good idea. Just imagine how much does a mother produce milk in a day. It is very few to use and make dairy products. If they are going to use it the prices of dairy products will be a lot expensive. Thinking about the supply of breastmilks. Yes it is healthy and yes again it is the best milk of all milk. But how about the infants who needs breastmilks? If their moms going to sell their milks. What will they have?

Not only that. Because there will be a lot of demand in breastmilks of course the people will think how can they produce or how can they sell breastmilk. Of course by giving birth, by getting pregnant. Just imagine we are now trying to moderate the population of the Philippines and we suggest to do Family Planning. Imagine what will happen if we make that a substitute.

Well I heard that news last week announced in the television. I started to laugh out loud about that idea. That is totally crazy or should I say that's insane. I don't know what these people are thinking. Gosh!

Hope they can think of other ways or other solutions regarding this.


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