Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How happy you are right now?

Can everyone say "I'm very happy today"? Or can everyone just say "I'm happy with my life now"? without knowing why...

First of all, we must know the reason why are we happy. There are different aspects to look at before knowing it. It's not just we smile and we laugh we can say that we're happy.

We should assess ourselves if we are happy:

  • by the way we look.
  • by the way we talk.
  • by the way we carry ourselves.
  • with our career.
  • with our family.
  • with our friends.
  • with our loved ones.
  • with what we have.
  • with all the things that surround me.
  • with the environment.
  • with the economy.
  • with the politics.
  • with all the events that happening to us.
And finally, If we are contented and grateful for all we have.
Be happy! for yourself and for others. =)


Unknown said...

Chie I have a tag for you:

bobbyboy said...

It makes good sense to me!

Nothing like coming across a positive blog to bring a smile to ones face.
Thank you!

Chie said...

Thanks for dropping by,,,
Hope you liked it...

For me Happiness is the greatest thing in life..


Be Happy! =)

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