Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does weight really weighs???

Did you get what I mean? What is it with the HR Managers with the fat people? Why do they hate those people? Employers always looks at the physical side, why don't they look at the intellectual side of the applicant? Do you always have to look perfect to have a job? Terrific body, beautiful shiny hair and a glamorous face? Is that the qualification to get a job? The job doesn't even require perfect body skill. Duh! It's not like I'm gonna model a swim wear.I really don't get it.

I think this is a form of discrimination. I had an experience few months ago, I applied at Pizza Hut Co. I passed the first interview then I took the exam. I passed the exam and move on to the final interview. When I was being interviewed, the first thing that the General Manager told me was, "Oh My God!! Ganyan ka kalaki? (OMG! You're that big?)." then she laughed very loud, I smiled at her and tried to ignore what she just said. She asked me questions and I answered courteously and politely. At the end of the interview she boastfully told me that "Sorry hindi namin pwede i-hire kasi walang kakasyang uniform sayo! (Sorry we can not hire you, because we don't have a uniform that will fit you)" I was really shocked. I don't know what happened to me, I stood up and said " Mam, thanks for your time." then I walked to the elevator. She really humiliated me. Then I saw her walking towards me and talked to one of her co-workers, she told that man what she told me and laughed very loud, the man laughed out loud as well. The worst thing about that is that she talked to that man in public. There were lots of applicants waiting for their turn to be interviewed.Everybody heard what she said, they laughed secretly. That's really humiliating. every time I remember that moment I feel like I'm shrinking. From then on I said to myself that I will not eat or buy any of Pizza Hut foods and products.

Because of that experience, I told myself that I have to lose weight. I'm not that big actually. That time I was 5'5" and weighs 145 lbs. But now my weight goes down to 130lbs.

This morning I tried my luck again and applied to another company. They didn't told me that they can not hire me because of my size,they used polite and kind words. But still I felt discriminated again. Because I saw them hiring petite women. This things must be stopped!

"We're human like everyone else. No one deserves to be hated or discriminated because of how they look." - Jennifer Craig

WOMAN: "Cruises 'R us.."
MAN: "I'm Sorry, you find the insurance too expensive Madam, but I doubt they have life belts your size."

They should treat everyone nicely. Not because they have the power, they can do those unreasonable things. They are professionally unethical! They should not humiliate others. Discrimination must be stopped!

They don't know what's the effect of that discrimination and humiliation to the person who had experienced it!


Unknown said...

I agree with you, we are all equal. You don't deserve to be discriminated!
Grrrr... I am still so angry. Sometimes people who are in a this position thinks that they are gods, that they can do anything they please. This really pisses me off.

Anyway, you are pretty, smart, funny and nice. Don't forget that.

Chie said...

Hi jade, It really annoys me whenever I remember that experience. Anyway, it's better that they did not hire me , cos I can not work with those kind of people.

I'll remember that always. ;)

Giamatti said...

Yeah we are all equal, discrimination is one of the most things i hate in life.. people from another "race" are not stupid dumb nor ugly, they can add things that you might not find in your own "race".

great article and i like it the way you write, just plain you.

HappySkinnyGirl said...

Totally true about the swimwear, lol. Nowadays, they often put such high standard requirement for the job, even though I don't see why is that relevant on some cases. Forget about that experience. If you don't, it's like you're re-living it again.

bobbyboy said...

Hi Chie,
A couple of things I'd like to say if you don't mind.

1. I will never eat at pizza hut ever again and will tell my friends to do the same.
2. These people have humiliated and embarrassed themselves, you certainly didn't and should know that!
3. I am very proud of you for the way you handled yourself-OUTSTANDING!

It takes people to stand up against bigoted idiots like these by speaking about these experiences. You have just reminded many of us about how ignorant many people still are by writing this blog.

There is a courageous model, who was turned down for all modeling jobs because she was "Too big" to be considered for modeling. She decided to start a plus size modeling for clothes and now (Here in the USA) it is a big thing and the woman is wealthy, and brought attention to the problem of size in the modeling industry.

Chie, there are many ignorant people in the world who say and do stupid things. Please realize that you are far above them and they can learn something from you!

Hold your head high and know that I, and I'm sure others, admire you for being mature and handling yourself so much better than these bigots.

As Jade said:
"Anyway, you are pretty, smart, funny and nice. Don't forget that."

I agree with her 100%!!

Thank you for sharing this story.

Chie said...

Hi Giamatti, You're right! These people should know that we can learn from each others culture or way of living. Thanks for dropping by...

Hi Jessica, Yeah and as if the job was an excellent one. Well it's not, it's more like a part! I'm throwing that memory away. And that's the reason why I wrote this Blog to pour out my emotions and feel relieved.

Thanks for taking time to read my post! Have a nice day.

Hi Bobby, The advices are great, and I really love this one:
"1. I will never eat at pizza hut ever again and will tell my friends to do the same."

I probably will.;-)

"3. I am very proud of you for the way you handled yourself-OUTSTANDING!"

Being polite, courteous and respectful are the manners I learned from my parents. And it's of my motto also:
"Do not do unto others, what you do not want done unto you." ayt?!

Honestly that experience actually turned my self-esteem down, but it also gave me much more reason to have courage and face them with my head up high and show them who I am and what they lost! (Yeah! That's the spirit! Go! Go! Go!) lol!

That story is a great inspiration. I know one day I will be like her! hehe! ;-)

100,000 Thanks for always visiting and reading my posts.

PinaywifeAtbp said...

hi chie! i really feel for you i know how awful it feels. i used to be on the heavier and more beautiful side of the scale and have gone through scenarios like yours.

keep your chin up and keep in mind, you're beautiful no matter what!

Cheers for the great attitude!

Chie said...

Hi pinay_blogger, Thanks for that! That boosts my confidence.

Thanks for dropping by and taking time to read my post!

Symphony of Love said...

I remembered a quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt that goes something like, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." They certainly do not have the right. When things are already not on the brighter side in the nation, why must they make things even harder for fellow citizens. Their actions spoke so much of their character and values. Frankly speaking, I pitied them because they have grown old but have not grown up.

I am very proud of the way you handle the situation. There is another quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt which I like alot, "Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, beautiful old people are work of art." You are definitely a beautiful person!

Chie said...

Hi Symphony,

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

This is definitely true. You're right about their attitude:
"they have grown old but have not grown up."
Maybe they are not raised with good values.;-)
It gave me courage to stand up and show them what they lost! i didn't lost anything, in fact I gained a lot, I gained strength. I gained more values and I gained friends like you guys. That's the best reward that I have received ayt?!

Thank you for dropping by and reading my post!

PinaywifeAtbp said...

hi chie! will be glad to add you up..

thanks for checking out my blogs :)

Chie said...

Hi pinay_blogger.
No problem! Thank you for dropping by... ;-)

pasionista said...

the GM is downright rude and lacks manners... i guess she/he/it is one unhappy individual...

Chie said...

Hi Ana, You bet! Anyways I have moved on now. Have a nice day.

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