Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No sweat in Losing weight!!

Last year I discovered a diet pill that was very effective. I was 152 lbs. when I first took it. I tried it for almost two weeks together with daily jogging and exercise. My weight dropped to 135 lbs. in just 2 weeks. Imagine that I lost 17lbs. Unbelievable huh?! But it's true. The name of the pill is "Zhen de Shou" a Chinese herb.

It has no side effects at all. I really love it. I've tried Kancura before and some other slimming pills but it has no effect. I didn't lose weight and because of the Kancura I got dehydrated, and forced me to stop taking it and have medications.

I told my friends about it and it really works for them as well, then my concerned cousin told me and warned me about the pills. She said that there is a fake one. I got really scared and suddenly stopped taking it. This is the indications of the fake pills.

They say that the fake one has orange color seal while the real is blue.
And the Coin seal is really a coin for the original and the one printed on the box are fake. So you better watch out!

but still I'm planning to look for the original and plan to take it again. hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chie, Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you will make a great owner for a Saint Bernard! BTW, I stopped by your blog a few days ago and read that story about Pizza Hut. I emailed the main HQ and told them I plan on getting my Pizza's from elsewhere from now on. Good luck with your diet, but personally I believe true beauty shines from within and from your blog I would have to conclude you are a very beautiful person! Cheers Friend!

bobbyboy said...

Just be careful with any kind of pills for diets. Maintaining healthy eating habits along with exercise is always a good plan, ayt?

hehe, I used your word (ayt) ;)

Unknown said...

Be careful Chie!

Chie said...

Hi backroadsgirl, Thanks for reading my blog. About the pizza I think thats a good idea. ;-) joke! anyway for my diet? uhmm good luck! lol!
"I believe true beauty shines from within "
That's true!

Chie said...

Hi Bobby, I guess you're right. Maybe I should not use diet pills?! I don't know...=( I'm really confused. lol!

Chie said...

Hi Bobby, I guess you're right. Maybe I should not use diet pills?! I don't know...=( I'm really confused. lol!

Hi Jade, Yeah I will.

bobbyboy said...

Hiya Chie, I'm not a dietitian, but I have a little bit of an idea about diet and exercise.

Diet pills have been viewed, and rightfully so, as magic bullets to loosing weight. There is no magic bullet, but companies play on sincere peoples desire and frustration to loose weight, so does the beauty industry.

If we eat sensibly and exercise regularly, barring any medical condition, we should be healthy. How we look to ourselves is quite a different matter. Let's not forget that an anorexic young girl still looks fat in her eyes, but is fading away to nothing in all of our eyes.

The way I see it, if we want to loose some weight, then with some motivation, good research and a positive attitude, we can do it.

You're a beautiful young lady who can achieve anything you want to, what that is and how you do it, is up to you. Just don't be fooled by those who could care less about you ,but will pay great attention to your money.

You are important in this world, so you might as well treat yourself as one, right?

Rock on Chie!

Ray Gratzner said...

Interestin post, I didn't know that herb

Chie said...

Hi Bobby, Thank you so much for those great words about me... maybe I should learn to appreciate my self. =)

Hi Ray, It's a chinese herb named ZHEN DO SHOU.

bobbyboy said...

Hiya Chie!

Yep, you surely should appreciate yourself and the accomplishments that you make, no matter how big or small.

Keep up the great work!

Chie said...

Hi Bobby, Thank you so much!

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