Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finding myself again

In the early stage of my life I was so happy and very much contented, never thought of any harm, never thought of having difficulties, all I think of is beautiful things. I have never imagined that I will have to pass that very strange phase of my life at an early age, but it's my choice then. When I was in 1st year high school, I've become a member of a "sorority and so called fraternities (group of men and women that only does bad things)". We drink (alcoholic beverages), we smoke, bullying other students, tripping on them, and the worst thing is I almost tried "drugs". Before I try it, something came up in my mind and says: "Bakit mo ba yan ginagawa? Para saan? Para kanino? Para ano? Ano bang problema mo? (Why are you doing that? For whom? For what? What's the problem?)".
Suddenly, I stopped and walked away, I went home and think.Thought . It goes, until one day someone came into my life and gave me reasons to change. I changed yeah, I quit drinking and smoking and searched for new friends. From then on I tried to fix up my mess, patching up things with my good friends, family and to those people who are dear to me.
One thing I realized about my experience is making decisions. "Once you make a decision no one is responsible for it but yourself". For you guys out there be careful in making decisions and in choosing your peers. I also believed the saying " Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are".


Unknown said...

I am glad you took the right decision .I was very afraid for you at that time that you would just throw your life away.I was feeling very helpless because you were so difficult to talk to at that time.

It's really nice to have you back...I know that whatever decisions you make now,you will think about it thoroughly.You can talk to me all the time, I hope you know that.

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