Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arena Island-Thank God I'm alive!!

Arena Island

Arena Island is known for their tortoise. They breed tortoise there. This is just a small island. It is really nice there. beautiful corals, plenty of baby turtles and big tortoise, some kinds of fish were breeded there also, and the trees there are incredible. Some of the trees were really big, unfortunately I was not able to get a picture with the trees. hehehe! Anyway here are some pictures of the baby and the big one's.

See how big it is? It weighs around 8-9 kilos, and some are 5kl. The babies are so cute. They are really small, I can't even imagine that they'll grow that big!

Actually this is the most exciting trip I ever had. Not only because it's my first time to ride a fisherman's boat, but also because we almost drowned. Yes you read it right "we ALMOST drowned", I even thought that would be the end of my life. Luckily, it's not! lol! Okay, so here how it goes. Wednesday morning, it was a beautiful morning, the sky is clear though the sun is not up it is still a beautiful day, we rented a fisherman's boat that could carry 6-8 persons. Everything went really well, all of us were excited to be at the Arena Island. We were chatting, talking about our dreams last night, telling jokes, and taking pictures. Suddenly, the waves are getting bigger and the boat is getting shaky. At first I didn't think of anything that will happen, I am not nervous at all. When I noticed that the waves are really really big that's the time that I am getting a little nervous. Everyone seems to be shocked by the waves and we are all silent. We are all looking at the island and thinking how long will it take for us to be there. We even asked the fisherman before we leave, we ask them "Is it really okay to go there now?" and the fisherman answered "Yeah. It's fine, the sea is calm anyway." Then I told the fisherman when we are experiencing that big waves coming to us "So, this is how when the sea is calm huh?!". then we all laughed, anyway it was meant to be a joke. I bet we are all getting nervous not only me, but we don't tell each other. We sat steadily in the boat and waiting. After 20 minutes or so, we saw the island, so we excitedly said "we're almost there!". Then we finally arrived to the island. Everyone is trying to act normal and pretending that nothing happened. So, we walked. Everyone keeps there selves busy, taking pictures, exploring the island, reading magazines and staring at the beautiful scenery. We spent couple of hours there. Then it rained really hard, but it didn't took long and stopped. We are not bothered about it anyway, after what we just experienced. lol! So the time has come for us to leave and go back to the resort. The story didn't end here, although nothing really bad happened but still it's really scary. On our way back, it is even worse than before. The boat's machine stopped in the middle of the sea, then one of the blue thing above the boat broke, and it makes the boat unbalanced. I got scared and nervous then, I tried to hide from them so I won't freak them out. Obviously all of us were really nervous that time. No one is talking and we all look that we are thinking of something deep. What I was thinking that time was "what if this thing broke and we all fell in the sea, who am I gotta save? My aunt can't swim and my cousin's mother-in-law is old and probably she can't swim too. I told myself that I could save myself cos I can swim but how about them?" Oh yeah I know, I'm close to freaking out then, but still I tried to hide it. After that, when we finally arrived at the resort, my aunt told me that she was praying the whole time. She was really scared but she hid it from us, then the others begin to say what's in their minds then. All of us are thinking of the same thing, but never really figured out what we'll do in case it happened.

This is the picture of the boat that we rode.

Now, we are all glad that nothing bad happened to us. And that experience will remain in our memories as one of the most exciting and freakiest thing that ever happened to us.

I know that all of us have different insight about it, and mine was stated in here.....


eastcoastlife said...

Oh my! The boat doesn't look too safe. It must be a fun fishing trip. :) thank God, you're alive.

Chie said...

Hi! Yeah I really thank god I'm alive. lol! Anyway It was really fun. swimming with the tutles. Thanks for dropping by,

bobbyboy said...

wow, scary feeling, huh? Glad all worked out Chie! Thanks for the story and pictures...great job!

Oh, just remember to have life jackets on any boat trip ;)

Chie said...

Hi Bobby,
Yes I will...Thanks..
thanks also for dropping..

Anonymous said...

I'm here again Chie tagging you about the six layers. I hope you don't mind.
By the way..lagi ka nalang pasyal2x dyan ano? Ang saya.

Chie said...

Hi Joy,
Medyo, Bakasyon eh. hehe! thanks for visiting.

Sherry said...

wow.. nice pics.. where is that ? I have not been there.

Chie said...

Hi Mia,

This is pics is taken on our way to Arena Island in Palawan, Philippines.
Well you may consider to visit it, cos it's wonderful.

By the way I can't seem to post a comment on ur blog because your pop up comments are not loading properly now!

Thanks for commenting

annpod said...

I'm glad you were able to visit the island, we had the same incident but our boat capsized in the middle of Rasa and Arena island. We're 10 mins away!

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