Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye Singapore!!!

Today is my flight going back to the Philippines. It's sad that I have to go now at the same time I am happy. I'm kinda feeling homesick already. But still I'm having mixed emotions. hehehe! I really had a great time.

I just wanna share this wonderful experiene. I am now at the airport and I'm blogging. Can you imagine that?! I think I'm close to be Blogging addict. hehehe! Anyway I'll end it here.

To my cousin Jade and her husband Jules, thank you for this wonderful trip. I had fun, I enjoyed each day being with you guys. See you soon... Hope this is not the last! ;-) Take care and God bless!

It's time to go...

Bye Singapore....


Anonymous said...

There's never such a thing as too much vacation...but they say home is where the heart is =D.

Have a safe flight!

Joy0z said...

I never been to Singapore buti kpa Lolz..
About the gladiator shoes..go girl..that's my next target and still looking for the perfect one for me.

Unknown said...

Hey I enjoyed your company here. I miss you already!

Chie said...

Hi Chris,
Yes definitely I agree with that! Thank you for commenting!

Hi Joy,
Singapore is really wonderful. Specially the food. hehehe!

Hi Jade,
Hehehe! Thanks for the trip!
You can now blog the whole day! Bwahaha!
I miss you too..

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