Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dos Palmas Day!

Well let me tell you about the experience in Dos Palmas. I should say that it is really amazing, the place is really beautiful. I should say that it is the warmest welcome I've ever experienced. Dos Palmas is an island in Palawan, its famous because of it's beautiful surrounding and with their floating cottages. Imagine you're sleeping over the water and theres a school of fish down under.

I would say it is the warmest welcome ever. As we arrive at the resort, the crew is right at the entrance and playing some instruments and singing. It's like their song for their guests. Then they gave us a glass of drink immediately. The juice was really good. And while we are walking to the resorts restaurant for some orientation about the rules of the resort, the crew are singing again. Such a nice place and very hospitable people.

There are lots of activities, such as kayak, snorkel and dive. I did that all actually. It was my first time to do snorkeling, diving and the kayaking thing. And I really enjoyed each of it. I was amazed with the snorkeling, it's just awesome, that while I swim, there are school of fish swimming right next to me, and that feels really great. And we saw the giant clam ever lived, it was really big and it's so cute. Actually I got afraid when the diver touched it, cos I thought the giant clam will smash his hands off, but the giant clam was so nice and very gentle with the diver's hand. It slowly closes its shells, as if it was just a show or something. About the diving, actually we didn't really did Scuba Diving because my cousin said that it may cause brain damage, and I don't wanna damage my brain anymore, cos it's already damaged and totally wrecked. hehe! ( I was just kidding cos I don't wanna bore you while reading my blog). What I love the most is the kayak, it was really good, I felt like I was a "professional kayaker." hehe! We did that the whole day. And that day was unforgettable because while we are kayaking I thought that I was good enough to do snorkeling at the same time. So I row and row through the snorkeling sight and then jumped into the water without the vest, I didn't realize that the wind is getting stronger and the waves are getting big. When I jumped onto the water, the waves just carried me underneath the floor of the entrance, and I didn't know that there are many harmful things under, and I bumped there and suddenly hurt my toes and scratched my legs. So what I did was fight the current and swim to the other so I could climb up the stairs. I just realized that i was hurt and wounded when I got off the water and saw my toe and my legs bleeding. " Ay! Shittt! nasugatan pala ako! (I got wounded!)." I said to myself. So I just chill there for awhile. That event doesn't stop me for enjoying, so what I did was get back to the kayak and row again like nothing happened. hehe! (What A crazy devil I was! Huh?!).

There's a sad part in that story actually, it's when it's time for us to leave and go back to Puerto Princesa. So then we rode a boat, (the big one's not a fisherman's boat! well actually that's another story). Back to Honda bay and then rode a bus back to Puerto Princesa. I could say, that was a very tiring day, lots of activities I actually didn't felt that I was tired that day, I just felt it when we are back at the hotel. I slept like I was dead! And that's how the Dos Palmas day ended!

Farewell Dos Palmas!


Joy0z said...

Wow! I wish I could visit Dos Palmas pag nakauwi kami sa Pinas. Thank you very much for the comment. Appreciate it much. Anyway..would you want you xlinks?

Chie said...

Hi joy0z,
Sana makavisit kayo, kasi ang ganda talaga... It is one of the best beaches I've ever seen, and there a lot more in Palawan that you might wanna see, like the Subterranean River (w/c is now being voted for the new 7 wonders of the world). Really great! Have a nice day!

Joy0z said...

I've been in Palawan sa Snake Island pero ngayun privately owned na daw? Sayang naman. Anyway thanks for adding me. If you don't mind I'll give you all the list of my blogs and I will add you in all of them. Here they are..
Jcelyns Journal
Dream Home
What A World
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Kikay Fashion and Beauty
Fil-Oz Blog
Pls take time to visit. Have a blessed weekend ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi you shopaholic

bobbyboy said...

I don't know Chie, this is the second story I read about you having trouble in water. I think you should wait for my next trip there so I can keep you safe from drowning lol

I'll keep you with dry land activities :)

Chie said...

Hi Bobby,
Yes, you are right. I just realized that now... Maybe I should not go in the water that much. hehehe!
Wish you were there.. hehehe!
Thanks for commenting.

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