Saturday, August 16, 2008


After a wonderful vacation in Palawan, Philippines I went to Singapore together with my cousin and her husband. I was really excited about it and I am a little nervous.Nervous because it's my first time to leave the country. We took the plane the night we came back from Palawan. After a couple of hours in the plane we finally arrived in Singapore! In my own opinion Singapore looks like the Philippines, but it is a lot cleaner, and the people were a lot disciplined than my own fellowmen. The weather is good and the temperature is great! It's sunny but unlike thew Philippines you easily burn your skin, but here it's not like that, and so as the sun, it's heat is kinds cool than there Philippines.

About the food, they have Chinese food, Indian food, Japanese food, Western dishes, Thai food, Malay food, Arabic dishes, Korean food, and a lot more! The must try's foo in Singapore are the following:

1.) Chicken Rice (roasted or steamed chicken with ginger rice)
Sometimes it has a vegetable side dish. The best place to get this is at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road and at ECP ( East Coast Parkway)
2.) Laksa (spicy noodles in coconut sauce with some shrimps and vegetable)
The best place to have this is at ECP (east coast parkway).
NOTE: Don't try it somewhere else just at ECP.
3.) Mee Goreng ( fried rice with mixed vegetables, shrimp or salted fish)
The best place to have it is at Loyang Point.
4.) Chicken Steak ( chicken steak with rice or French fries)
The best place to have it is at Arab St.
5.) Wanton noodle soup ( wanton noodles)
The best place to have it at Clarke Quay Central Mall.
6.) Fried or Steamed Dumplings (dumplings)
The best place to have it is at Clarke Quay Central Mall.
7.) Nasi Briyani ( fried rice with chicken or lamb and curry soup.
The best place to have it is ANYWHERE!
8.) Fish Head Curry ( fish head in curry soup and rice)
The best place to have it is ANYWHERE!
9.) Prata (prata)
The best place to have it is at Arab St.
10.) Donuts - hehehe!
The best place is at J.CO Donuts located at Bugis.
About the drinks:

1.) Sour sop Juice - The best place to have it is ANYWHERE!
2.) Hazelnut Juice - The best place to have it is at Tampines MRT Station.
3.) Watermelon Juice - The best place it is at Clarke Quay Central mall.
4.) Coconut Juice -The best place to have it is ANYWHERE!
5.) Iced Chocolate - The best place to have it is at J.CO Donuts Bugis.

Those are the food and drinks that I tried and liked here in Singapore. Those are highly recommended! (2 thumbs up!) But there are a lot more to try. Those are the foods that my tongue will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you enjoyed your trip in Singapore and the food. You have tried quite a lot of our food :)

Über Gardener said...

OMG I'm so glad you made it ok. That's why I prefer bikes and just swimming at the beach, close to the shore! I am too much of a coward.

eastcoastlife said...

The best food are found in places where there are not many tourists. the places you mention have too many tourists. You notice not many Singaporeans eat at those places. :)

Chie said...

Hi bk,
Yes i really enjoyed your country and the food. Those that I mentioned were all that I loved. I've tried a lot food and those remains. hehehe!
Thanks for Commenting!

Chie said...

Hi Asuka,
Yeah, Well me too. Sometimes it's okay to try new things to gain experiences, but of course you can always be in your comfort zone.
Thanks for commenting!

Chie said...

Yes I noticed that! Most the people I see were foreigners such as myself.
Where are those places? So I could still visit and try out some foods. hehehe!
Thanks for commenting!

stan said...

I think u prob know more abt the eating places in Spore than myself, a local! Haha.

I've been to makati in Manila and this island in Phillippines which just slipped my mind!!! Warm people who do not hesitate to speak their minds. :)

Chie said...

Hi Sho,
Well I'm travelling that's why I should know the places where I am going. Or else I will be lost!hehehe!
Anyway so you have been to the Philippines.. So how do you find my country?

Thanks for commenting!

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